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Working with industry leaders to drive sustainability impact
IQ Plus
Risk Management Solution to help comply with the German Supply Chain
Due-Diligence Act

IQ Plus is an easy to use, fast, and actionable risk management solution that helps businesses gain transparency and scale their sustainability programs.

Risk profiles for your full supply base

Dashboards and reporting

Targeted compliance solution for German Supply Chain Sustainability Due-Diligence Act (LkSG)

Automated, contact-free document collection and risk assessment powered by Sustainability Data Mining

Working with industry leaders to drive sustainability impact
Key features

Risk Profiles

Sustainability profiles based on country, industry and company-related risks, enriched with your procurement data.

Supplier-Specific Document Scan

Fast access (<48h) to relevant public documents, such as ISO Certifications, Code of Conduct, Human Rights Statements and more through SDM.

Live News Monitoring

Up-to-date risk information relevant to your supply base from sources validated for credibility.

Why IQ Plus?

Fast Results

Obtain risk profiles within hours without having to contact your suppliers.

Full Supplier Coverage

Gain risk transparency of your full supply base covering industry, country, and company-specific factors.

Trusted Data from EcoVadis

Leverage intelligence from the world’s most trusted sustainability ratings database, covering more than 200 industries, 100,000 companies and 160 countries across 15 years of assessments.

Supply Chain Act Guidance

Get the data and drill-in capabilities needed for a thorough analysis of your suppliers' LkSG risk, while receiving tailored LkSG recommendations for next steps.

IQ Plus & Ratings
Holistic Supplier Sustainability Performance Management

IQ Plus & Ratings allows more in-depth, validated assessments of strategic and high-risk suppliers.

Methodology guided by sustainability experts, aligned with international standards, and covering 200+ industry categories and 175+ countries

Robust and intuitive platform enabling global connections, collaboration, and confidential sharing

Assessments adapted to each company based on validated evidence and third-party data

Customer success experts enabling the implementation, management, and growth of your sustainability program

ecotrek shares our commitment to the technological approach of sustainability data aggregation while encouraging supplier collaboration. Their insights are very useful to our team, as laws and regulations can change rapidly.“

Marcus Schumacher
Chief Procurement Officer

„With ecotrek, we could gain an initial overview over the sustainability performance of our supplier base and accelerate our sustainable procurement targets and processes. As a leading equipment manufacturer for the automotive industry, Dürr is pioneering the development towards shaping data-driven sustainable procurement.“

Arno Immler
Expert Sustainable Supply Chain

„Through the help of ecotrek, we managed to screen our whole supplier-base on sustainability and comply with the German supply chain act.“

Simone Kollmann-Goebels
Chief Procurement Officer

Sustainable data mining
a technological approach to aggregate company-level sustainability data automized

What is sustainable Data Mining?

Sustainable Data Mining (SDM) is like Data Mining but with domain knowledge in the field of sustainability as a major component. Sustainability experts work closely together with data scientists to process publicly available data to provide easily understandable, specific sustainability information.

This data technology collects, analyses and manages companies' sustainability efforts, available on the web. SDM is able to extract information, to determine data quality, and to benchmark to data of similar companies. By including sources like social media, images and other open data sets, SDM predicts information that goes even beyond the companies own knowledge.

What are the business benefits of SDM?

Sustainable data mining makes it possible to integrate sustainability data automatically in business decisions like SCM and CSR tasks, which makes organizations more profitable, flexible and responsive. It drastically speeds up data acquisition and processing time. SDM enables to reach sustainability targets efficiently.

SDM is noninvasive and can be rapidly implemented to accelerate sustainable actions. Hence it’s ideal for automating workflows that involve big data sets such as sustainable procurement, sourcing or collaboration.

Why is SDM transformative?

SDM technology is changing how businesses decide on their supply chains. It turns getting basic certifications from handwritten formulas to getting an estimation on how a company drives sustainability and therefore how profitable it remains in the future. It's not only about greater meaningfulness, but experts are released from inefficient process tasks and can focus on the things they do best and enjoy more: creating innovative world-class supply chains.

Transform your business end-to-end
SDM adoption lies at the center of many enterprises’ sustainability transformation efforts. Learn why SDM is so powerful and necessary directly from our happy customers.

Is SDM the same as AI ?

SDM is not artificial intelligence but it serves as a foundation for it. Connecting SDM to AI unlocks massive new possibilities for enterprises everywhere. And at a time when companies need to accelerate their integration of AI as well as sustainability into front-line operations and decisions, SDM can serve as the key for AI-operationalzation and to reach sustainability goals.

Data Mining

What is Data Mining?

Data mining combines methods from statistics and machine learning to extract usable data from large data sets. To be able to scale up, effective data collection and warehousing is required. Discovering relationships among data is important in a variety of fields e.g. identifying credit risks, understanding customer segments and fraud detection. Data mining automates this process by finding patterns and correlations using sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

Key Features of Data Mining:

Ingestion of any type of data from various data sources

Creation of decision-oriented information

Prediction based on likely outcomes

Want to learn more?
Read about sustainable data mining
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Why We’re Here
Making B2B business decisions truly sustainable
What we do
interdisciplinary founders
5M. +
company profiles

We at ecotrek are convinced that every company should have easy, fast and trustworthy access to sustainability data.  

Our vision

We envision a platform where sustainability intelligence and efficient data technologies leverage sustainability in every business decision - to improve the economy, the lives of people and the planet we all depend on.

What we do

Ecotrek leverages top-notch data technology to accelerate sustainable impact in supply chains. Currently, thousands of suppliers in each company are individually monitored using massive human capacity. Rethinking and introducing a new and, above all, a technological approach is required to tackle this challenge. And that's what ecotrek does. We developed industry-proven cutting-edge data technologies that enable any company to monitor the sustainability of each and every supplier in an automated way. We equip your experts with the time capacity and supplier insights to excel your supply chain's impact. All of this is provided in an end-to-end software solution that takes you through the entire process of sustainable supply chain management.

Why you should care

Add-value from Day 1
Receive results in hours.

Great sustainable decision quality
Bring SDM intelligence to your entire enterprise and the operations that matter most.

Breakthrough in sustainability performance
Remove the barriers to execution and perform at your full potential.

Our services

Automation of
ESG Data
On-Premise Installation
Unlimited Support
Access to API

The Team

Ecotrek was founded 2020 out of a hackathon at Google Berlin. We decided to rethink sustainability
in the context of business decisions. In July 2022, ecotrek was acquired by EcoVadis to complement its portfolio of solutions advancing the scope, speed and quality of ESG visibility and impact across global value chains.

We understand the complexities and the manual process involved in the traditional way of sustainable supply chain management - and that's exactly why we invented new data-driven technologies to collect and manage sustainability information about companies and making it actionable through technology.

Philipp Würfel

Rena Kleine

Alexander Doudkin

Jolene Ernesti

backed by 10+ awesome team members 💚

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