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Accelerating sustainable procurement through a multi-stakeholder board
January 15, 2022
Enabling sustainable procurement through data mining
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What transparency in the supply chain really means
September 20, 2021
CPO priorities shifting towards transparency. Each participant outlined...
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Machtfrage: A practice-oriented podcast on sustainable procurement
January 2, 2022
Podcast: CPO talks on sustainable procurement
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Sustainability in purchasing and digitization
December 22, 2021
"When we look at how we’re trying to differentiate our company, there’s clearly something around..."
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The European green-tech-landscape
December 12, 2021
How can the government support the green-tech landscape? An exchange with the Federal Environment Minister
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Smart data technologies are key to sustainable supply chains
January 12, 2022
"Their goal is to help companies bring much-needed ESG data to the complex world of business decisions and they’re gaining momentum fast."
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