ecotrek is the beginning of a new responsible and ecofriendly economy.

In a world where everything is connected, understanding the impact of sourcing, buying and investing decisions is critical. While the concept of sustainability based business decisions is not new, the data collection is complicated, change in data is constant and context is critical. Ethical and responsible business performance is now an economic and reputational imperative, in addition to being a legal requirement.

2 mln.
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The beginning

Ecotrek was founded out of a hackathon at Google. We decided to rethink sustainability in the context of business decision making.

We understand the complexities and the manual process involved in the traditional way and thats exactly why we invented new data-driven ways organizing sustainability information about companies, and making it actionable through technology.

Our Partners

We fundamentally believe in partnership.
That's why we work with sustainability experts from science, business and governance to improve sustainable purchasing processes.