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We at ecotrek are convinced that every company should have easy, fast and trustworthy access to sustainability data.  

Our vision

We envision a platform where sustainability intelligence and efficient data technologies leverage sustainability in every business decision - to improve the economy, the lives of people and the planet we all depend on.

What we do

Ecotrek leverages top-notch data technology to accelerate sustainable impact in supply chains. Currently, thousands of suppliers in each company are individually monitored using massive human capacity. Rethinking and introducing a new and, above all, a technological approach is required to tackle this challenge. And that's what ecotrek does. We developed industry-proven cutting-edge data technologies that enable any company to monitor the sustainability of each and every supplier in an automated way. We equip your experts with the time capacity and supplier insights to excel your supply chain's impact. All of this is provided in an end-to-end software solution that takes you through the entire process of sustainable supply chain management.

Why you should care

Add-value from Day 1
Receive results in hours.

Great sustainable decision quality
Bring SDM intelligence to your entire enterprise and the operations that matter most.

Breakthrough in sustainability performance
Remove the barriers to execution and perform at your full potential.

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The Team

Ecotrek was founded 2020 out of a hackathon at Google Berlin. We decided to rethink sustainability
in the context of business decisions.

We understand the complexities and the manual process involved in the traditional way of sustainable supply chain management - and that's exactly why we invented new data-driven technologies to collect and manage sustainability information about companies and making it actionable through technology.

Philipp Würfel

Rena Kleine

Alexander Doudkin

Jolene Ernesti

backed by 10+ awesome team members 💚

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